sábado, 9 de febrero de 2013

My Super Low Float Monster Is...

In Gold Investing, Leave the Metal and Target on Stocks.
Shares of major firms dropped behind the cost of actual gold
cheaper than the value of gold reserves. The gap is the
biggest ever noted, analysts report. Source: WSJ

Trade Date: Monday, Feb 11, 2013
To buy: G_GS_M
Last Trade: $.05
Short Term Target: $0.30

G_GS_M geological reported on the JV business about 253000
ounces of gold. If gold to decrease to $1300 per ounce, it
could be costing above $388'000'000 million to G_GS_M.
Production price for G_GS_M at $728 per oz, over $201 mil in
gross income. Ghana is known for multi-party democracy.
Ghana continues to sustain in its democratic principles. It
has large national economic improvements and the country is
established as 1 of the most politically established in
Africa! Best Management: Martin Hall is a renown, well known
and trusted global entrepreneur! Beginning Feb 11 - ADD
G_GS_M up to $0.16.

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Repite Puerto Rico en baloncesto centroamericano

Puerto Rico repite título aunque más apurado de lo previsto ante ...

EFE - ‎hace 1 hora‎
Mayagüez (Puerto Rico), 30 jul (EFE).- Puerto Rico se adjudicó hoy el título de campeón del baloncesto de los Juegos Centroamericanos

Sorteo de Copa América en noviembre

Sorteo de Copa América en noviembre

El sorteo de la Copa América de 2011 -que se jugará en Argentina- se realizará el 11 de noviembre en la Ciudad de La Plata, sede del partido inaugural, reveló este día la Conmebol.