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King Ruedesheimer." In ano

Ase; and I have myself heard some of them confess that after repeatedly
hearing Wagner's later operas,

they discovered in them a constant stream of melody where all had
seemed to them at first a mere
chaos of sound. Some of the stockholders, on the other hand, are so
absolutely unmusical that they do not know the meaning of the words
"tenor" and "soprano," and if

blindfolded could not tell if "Faust" or "Aida" was being sung. (This
is a real fact that I might prove by an amusing anecdote, were it not
too personal.) To this class of stockholders what difference can it
make whether they have German or Italian opera? They merely go to the
opera because it is a very fashionable thing to do so, and because

the ownership of an opera-box confers on them a social distinction
almost equal to an order, or a title of nobility, in foreign countries.
Many of the stockholders have converted the ante-rooms to their boxes
into luxurious parlors, into which they can retire and talk if the
music bores them. But, unfortunately, there are some black sheep among
them and their invited guests who do not make use of this privilege,
but give the rest of the audience the benefit of their conversational
accomplishments. The parquet often resents these interruptions, and
hisses lustily until quiet is restored. There are not a few lovers of
who, althou

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Nd whisper lull the troubled brain Of this death-

zone,-- Some spectre star, that
glittereth beyond The glorious galaxies of diamond. Beautiful Lunacy!
that shapest flight For love to blessed
bowers of delight, And buildest holy monarchies within The fancy,
till the very heart is queen Of all her golden wishes. Lunacy!
Thou empress of the passions! though
they be A sister group
of wild, unearthly forms, Like lightnings playing in
their home of storms! I see thee, striking at the silver strings Of
the pure heart, and holy music springs Before thy touch, in many a
solemn strain, Like that of

sea-waves rolling from the main! But say, is Melancholy by
thy side, With tresses in

a raven shower, that hide Her pale and weeping features? Is she never
Flowing before thee, like a gloomy
river, The sister
of thyself? but cold and chill, And winter-born, and sorrowfully
still, And not like thee, that art in merry mood, And frolicksome
amid thy solitude! Fair Lunacy! I see thee, with
a crown Of hawthorn and sweet daisies,

bending down To mirror thy young image in a spring; And thou wilt
kiss that shadow of a thing As soul-less as thyself. 'Tis tender,
too, The smile that meeteth thine! the holy hue Of health!
the pearly radiance of the brow! All, all as tender--beautiful as
thou! And wilt thou
say, my sister, there is none Wi

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Ll explain. I had supposed you knew of your

As named Violet, married a vagabond Irishman and had a daughter about
a year younger than you. The mother died, but whether

the child survived her or not I

have never learned." "What
was her name?" asked Louise. "I cannot remember. But it is
unimportant. You are the only Merrick of them all, and that

is doubtless the reason Jane has sent
for you." The girl shook her blonde head. "I don't like it," she
"Don't like what?" "All this string of relations. It complicates
matters." Mrs. Merrick seemed annoyed. "If you fear your own
persuasive powers," she said, with almost a sneer in her tones,
"you'd better not go to Elmhurst. One or the other of
your country cousins might supplant you
in your dear aunt's affections." The girl yawned
and took up her neglected novel. "Nevertheless, mater dear," she said
briefly, "I shall go." CHAPTER III. PATSY. "Now, Major, stand up
straight and behave yourself! How do you expect me to sponge your
vest when you're wriggling around in that way?" "Patsy, dear, you're
so sweet this evening, I just

had to kiss your lips." "Don't do

it again, sir," replied Patricia, severely, as she scrubbed
the big man's waistcoat with a damp cloth. "And tell me, Major, how
you ever happened to get into such a disgraceful condition." "The
just shpil

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Oment that Hector Bertrand, with one De

T and common cards; diamonds and hearts were alike to her, their value
depending on what was trumps. She saw keenly and far, but not deeper
than the superficial
net-work of the heart, not higher than the ceiling of the
drawing-room. Her enjoyments, therefore,
were limited in their range; her nature, though perfect
in its kind, was small and narrow; and her occupation, though so
interesting to those concerned, was in itself mean and frivolous. This
is always her misfortune, the misfortune of this envied woman. She
lives in a material world, blind and deaf to the influences that
thrill the bosoms of others. No noble thought ever fires her soul, no
generous sympathy ever melts her heart. Her share of that current of
human nature which has welled forth from its fountain in the earthly
paradise is dammed up, and cut off from the general stream that
overflows the world. None of those minute and invisible
ducts connects it with the common waters which make one feel
instinctively, lovingly, yearningly, that he is not alone upon the
earth, but a member of the great human family. And so, having played
her part, she dies, this woman of the world, leaving no sign to tell
that an immortal spirit has passed: nothing above the ground but a
tablet, and below, only a handful of rotting bones and crumbling dust.
The basement front of No. 12 Rue St Antoine, a narrow street in Rouen,
leading from the Place de la Pucelle, was opened by Madame de la Tour,
the millinery

in 1817, and tastefully arranged, so far
as scant materials permitted the exercise of decorative genius. She
was the widow of a once flourishing _courtier maritime_ (ship-broker),
who, in consequence of some unfortunate speculations, had recently
died in insolvent circumstances.
At about

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lp a heap..

He needs more than anything else--and horseback
ridin'. I'll yank him out of that soon as I get back. And now suppose
you read his letter. It's

mighty important to us. I forgot to tell you me and, Stan, is pardners.
I'm free to say I'm anxious to see how you take to his proposition."
"If you will excuse me, then?" Mitchell seated himself, opened the
letter, and ran over it. It was brief. Refolding it, the lawyer laid it

on the table before him, tapped it, and considered
Mr. Johnson with regarding eyes. When he spoke his voice was more
friendly than
ever. "Stanley tells me here that you two have found a very rich mine."
"Mr. Mitchell,"
said Pete, leaning forward in his eagerness, "I reckon that mine of
ours is just about the richest strike ever found in Arizona! Of course
it ain't rightly a mine--it's only where a mine is goin'
to be. Just a claim. There's nothin' done to it yet. But it's sure
goin' to be a crackajack. There's a whole solid mountain of high-grade

copper." "Stanley says he wants me to finance it. He offers to refund
all expenses if the mine--if the claim"--Mitchell
smiled cordially as he made the correction--"does not prove all he
represents." "Well, that ought to make you safe. Stan's got a right
smart of property out there. I don't know how he's fixed back here. Mr.
Mitchell, if you don't look into this, you'll be missin' the chance

of your life." "But if the claim is so rich, why do you need money?"
"You don't understand. This copper is in

the roughest part of an awful rough mountain--right on top," said Pete,
most untruthfully. "That's why nobody ain't ever found it
before--because it is so rough. It'll cost a heap of money
just to build a wagon road up to it--as much as five or six thousand
dollars, maybe. Stan
and me can't handle it alone. We got to take some one in, and we gave
you the first show. And I wish," said Pete

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he river. "You can't quite

." And there were clean white night-gowns on the beds, and little
wrappers with gay flowered slippers,
just waiting for Jan and Marie to put them on. "Oh, I believe it is
heaven!" cried Marie, as she looked about the pretty room. Then she
touched Madame Dujardin's
sleeve timidly. "Is it all true?" she said. "Shan't we wake up and have
to go somewhere else pretty soon?" "No, dear," said Madame Dujardin
gently. "You are going
to stay right here now and be happy." "It will be a very nice

place for Mother to find us in,"

said Jan.
"She will come pretty soon now, I should think." "I hope she may," said
Madame Dujardin, tears twinkling in her eyes. "I'm
sure she will," said Marie. "You

see everybody is looking for her. There's Granny, and Mother and Father
De Smet, and Joseph, and the people in Rotterdam, and the people in
England, too; and then, besides, Mother is looking for herself, of
course!" "She said she would surely find us even if she had to swim the

PART And now comes the most wonderful part

of the story! Madame Dujardin prepared a bath and said to Marie: "You
may have the first turn in the tub because you're a girl. In America the
have the best of everything", she laughed at Jan, as she spoke. "I will
help you undress. Jan, you may get ready and wait for your turn in
your own room." She unbuttoned Marie's dress, slipped off her
clothes, and held up the gay little wrapper for her to put her arms
into, and just then she noticed the locket
on her neck. "We'll take this off, too," she said, beginning to unclasp
it. But Marie clung to it with both hands. "No, no," she cried. "Mother
said I was never, never to take it off. It
has her picture in it." "May I see it, dear?" asked Madame Dujardin. "I
should like to kno

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er not taste them. I feel quite wel

M so, and he believed her, for he felt that he could not be hard to
understand. He was as singularly methodical as Reanda was exceptionally

She felt that his work was second to her in his estimation of it, but
that, since they both depended upon it for their livelihood,
they had agreed together to put it first. With Reanda, art was above
and beyond all other interests, and he had made her feel that he worked
for art's sake rather than
for hers. There was a vast difference in the value placed upon her by
the two men,

in relation

to their two occupations.
"I have no genius," said Griggs to her one day. "I have no intuitions
of underlying truth. But
I have good brains, and few men are able to work as hard as I. By and
bye, I shall
succeed and make money, and it will be less dull for you." "It is never
dull for me when I can be with you," she answered. As he looked, the
sunshine caught her red auburn hair, and the love-lights
played with the sunshine in her eyes. Griggs knew that

life had no more dulness for him while she lived, and as for her, he
believed what she said. Without letting him know what she was doing,
she wrote to her father. It was not an easy letter
to write, and she thought that she knew the savage old Scotchman's
temper. She told him everything. At such a distance, it was easy to
throw herself upon his mercy, and it was safer to write him all while
he was far away, so that there might be nothing left to rouse his anger
if he returned. She had no lack of words with which to describe
Reanda's treatment of her;
but s

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martes, 14 de septiembre de 2010

ht the year's. MARCH Hail, happ

Rath at heart they keep. Child and man and woman in the grasp of
death clenched fast Tremble, clothed with darkness

round about, and scarce draw breath, Scarce lift eyes
up toward the light that saves not, scarce may cast Thought or prayer
up, caught and trammelled in the snare of death. Not as sea-mews
cling and laugh or sun their plumes and sleep Cling and cower the
wild night's waifs of shipwreck, blind with fear, Where the fierce
reef scarce yields foothold
that a bird might keep, And the clamorous darkness

deadens eye and deafens ear. Yet beyond their helpless hearing,
out of hopeless sight, Saviours, armed and girt upon with strength of
heart, fare
forth, Sire and daughter, hand on oar and face against the night,
Maid and man whose names are beacons ever to the
North. Nearer now; but all the madness of the storming surf Hounds
and roars them back; but roars

and hounds them back in vain: As a pleasure-skiff
may graze the lake-embanking turf,

So the boat that bears them grates the rock where-toward they strain.
Dawn as fierce and haggard as the face of night scarce guides Toward
the cries that rent and clove the darkness, crying for aid, Hours on
hours, across the
engorged reluctance of the tides, Sire
and daughter, high-souled man and mightier-hearted maid. Not the
bravest land that
ever breasted war's grim sea, Hurled her foes back harried on the
lowlands whence they came, Held her own and smote her smiters down,
while such durst be, Shining northward,
shining southward, as the
aurorean flame, Not our mother, not Northumberland, brought ever
Though no southern shore may match the sons that kiss her mouth,
Children worthier all the birthright

given of the
ardent north Where the fire of hear

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Umination, burning all night. In the morning we g

this point, which was barely known before

1858.] Friday the 13th, the next day, was my birthday and Mrs.
Thompson, who was always striving to do something to make
our circumstances pleasant, prepared a large peach pie with her own
hands in celebration. The Major and Jones having come in the night
before, we passed most of the time that day in a large tent eating
melons, the Major acting

as carver of the fruit. When we had eaten a watermelon
he would
declare that

he thought muskmelon far better. We all agreed. He would cut one only
to find when we had eaten it that we had changed our minds and wanted
watermelon, which see-saw opinions we kept up till all the melons were
gone. It would be impossible for any one who had not had our canyon
fare to
appreciate the exhilarating effect
of this fresh fruit. My leg, which had developed the pain coming up the
Kanab Canyon, now swelled till it was almost the same size throughout
and any pressure made
an imprint as in a piece of putty. No one
knew what to make of it. I rode over to Johnson's, that person being
the nearest to a doctor of any one in the country, though the Mormons

do not much believe in medicines, and he gave me a liniment to apply.
This did no good. In a few days the swelling disappeared except where
the spot of keen
pain was, and there a lump was left half as large as a man's fist, with
two small red spots in the middle of it. I now concluded that these
spots marked the bite of a tarantula that must have
gotten in my blankets at Shower-Bath Spring. Suppuration set in at the
spots where the flesh turned black and all the men said it was a
bad-looking wound. They thought I would lose my
leg. I concluded to poultice it to draw out any poison that remained,
and kept bread-and-milk applied continuously. After a while it seemed
to have a tendency to heal. We ran the base line up through Kanab and
at the head of it pitched

a small observatory tent over a st

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LXV aniversario del club River Plate

Alma Llanera

El equipo de futbol River Plate, de colonia El Rodeo, festejó su 65 aniversario con gran encuentro ante Aguilas de Iztacalco, que dirige Hugo Bustamante, quedando el marcador empatado a uno, con goles de Fernando Israel González, por los festejados y por Aguilas Christian Celaya.

Cabe destacar que el capitán Aguila fue el jefe delegacional Francisco Javier Sánchez Cervantes, quien dio todas las facilidades a directivos del River Plate, para que su festejo saliera lo mejor posible, ya que su compromiso con la ciudadanía de otorgarles los espacios deportivos sean aprovechados por los pobladores de colonias circunvecinas.

La preocupación de Sánchez Cervantes es la juventud y retirarla de la drogadicción.

El encuentro del aniversario de River Plate que dirigen Roberto y Enrique Calderón, fue emotivo por su juego limpio, pues salieron a divertirse.

El cuadro rivaplatense fue fundado por Trinidad y Manuel Rodríguez, el 28 de agosto de 1945, y ha recorrido diferentes ligas del DF obteniendo más de 25 títulos.

Ha participado en Liga Mexicana, Interzonas, Codec y actualmente en una de Ciudad Deportiva. El festejo fue gracias al coordinador de Ciudad Deportiva Magdalena Mixhuca, Siglo XXI, Leonardo Muñoz. Al término de éste se entregaron reconocimientos a jugadores del River Plate de manos de Francisco Javier Sánchez Cervantes.

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Arranca Apertura 2010 de LTCR

Arranca Apertura 2010 de LTCR


Terminó el ayuno futbolero dentro de Liga Torneo Central de Reservas que comanda el contador público, Ricardo Pérez Acuña, y tenemos que hoy abre hostilidades la categoría Sub-20 (91-92) con encuentros de pronóstico reservado.

Así que inician su camino rumbo al título del Torneo de Apertura “Ardex” 2010, los siguientes cotejos:

Nacional SNTSS-Halcones Naucalpan, 11:00 horas en estadio San Mateo Huitzilzingo; Toluca DF Oceanía-Pachuca Independencia, 10:00 en San Martín, Texcoco y América Chiconcuac-Pedro Vega Tonanitla, 11:30 en Municipal Chiconcuac y Puebla Ligers-Pachuca Toreo, 10:00 horas en San Miguel Xico.

Para mañana: Pumas Tecámac-Tepotzotlán, 11:00 hroras, en estadio Dvo. Sierra Hermosa Tecámac y Naucalpan Tlatilcas-APC Tepalcapa, 17:00 en estadio Unidad Cuauhtémoc IMSS.

Cuarta División Premier

Por lo que toca a los cotejos de la Cuarta División Premier, estos inician con el SEP Puebla-Mineros Real Hidalgo, 11:00 horas en Escuela Niños Héroes de Chapultepec, Puebla; CFD Ixtayopan-Atitalaquia Hidal-go, 14:00 en Ventura Medina, San Juan Ixtayopan; Temascalcingo-Chivas Los Angeles, 12:00, Unidad Dva. municipal Temascalcingo; Cefor Puebla-Cuauhtémoc Blanco, 13:00 en Santa Isabel Cholula; Acapulco CF Tuzos-Calacoaya, 10:00 en U. deportiva Acapulco; San Pablo Autopan-Linces CTM Ixtapaluca, 16:00 en estadio de San Pablo Autopan y Linces Tlaxcala-Club Alpha Puebla, 16:00 en estadio Santa Cruz IMSS Tlaxcala.

Cuarta División “B”

En la Cuarta División “B” éstos son sus cotejos: Tizapán-Delfines de Acapulco, 12:00 en San Andrés Ahuayucan, Xochimilco, Universidad FCD-Atlas México GAM, 11:00 en Universidad del Futbol 2, Monarcas Tlanepantla-UEFA Azcapotzalco, 10:00 en Janeiro, Cuautitlán y Lindvavista Premier-Club Marina, 15:00 en Selecciones, Poli Zacatenco.

Para mañana: Cuauhtémoc Blanco-Tecamachalco, 12:00 horas en deportivo Plutarco Elías Calles.

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Decio dice que irán hasta las últimas consecuencias

Decio de María, con mucho qué aclarar.

Decio dice que irán hasta las últimas consecuencias

La Federación Mexicana de Futbol se mostró cauta y anunció que esperará a que concluya la investigación acerca de la supuesta fiesta en la que participaron algunos seleccionados nacionales después del juego contra Colombia, la madrugada del miércoles.

El secretario general, Decio de María, dijo la postura del organismo: "El comunicado (emitido el miércoles) es muy claro. Realizaremos una investigación y haremos aplicar, si así es conveniente, el reglamento interno, si es que se rompió alguna regla".


Muchos podrán decir que los jugadores, como todos, son seres humanos, que están sometidos a muchas presiones.

"Es evidente eso. Pero también son personajes públicos, y a esos se les pide un poquito más. Todos tenemos las responsabilidad de comportarnos como personajes públicos, porque hay quien evalúa y se para fácilmente de un lado a otro para hacer juicios".

Así que parece que el tema ha molestado a ciertos miembros de la FMF.

"Debe haber límites en todo lo que se hace. Por eso haremos un proceso de investigación, haremos que nos llegue información para tomar decisiones. Nadie justifica el hecho, pero antes de saber qué vamos a hacer, hay que tener a la mano toda la información posible".

-¿Pero la concentración no había terminado ya?

"Eso hay que averiguar, saber cuándo terminó la concentración".

-¿Qué sanciones se podrían aplicar?

"Hay un catálogo en el reglamento. Van desde separaciones, amonestaciones, suspensiones".


Pero algo pasa en la Selección últimamente.

1. Jonathan dos Santos se niega a venir al Tri.

2. Carlos Vela, se dice, le falta respeto al técnico interino Efraín Flores, y

3. Ahora la fiesta de seleccionados.

¿Qué pasa en la FMF?

Para el licenciado De María, "todas estas situaciones son muy diferentes y hay que atacarlas de distintas formas".

Y así lo atacó.

"Lo de Jonathan, simplemente puedo decir que... hay que sentir la verde y eso queda claro".

"Lo de Vela... pues nos gusta hacer grandes las cosas".

Y de lo tercero, dijo que "no es la primera vez que hay reuniones, sólo que hay que poner límites".

La Dirección de Selecciones Nacionales, encabezada por Néstor de la Torre, está instruida para llevar esta caso hasta las últimas consecuencias.

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Sorteo de Copa América en noviembre

Sorteo de Copa América en noviembre PDF Imprimir E-mail

El sorteo de la Copa América de 2011 -que se jugará en Argentina- se realizará el 11 de noviembre en la Ciudad de La Plata, sede del partido inaugural, reveló este día la Conmebol.

El Presidente de la Conmebol, Nicolás Leoz, destacó que la Final del Campeonato que empezará el 2 de julio se realizará el 24 de ese mismo mes en el Estadio Monumental, de River Plate, en la capital argentina.

Leoz hizo ese breve anuncio en la noche del miércoles en La Plata, a 60 kilómetros de Buenos Aires, tras un que agasajo de la cámara de diputados de la provincia de Buenos Aires a autoridades de la Conmebol.

Además de Argentina, en la Copa América estarán Uruguay, Brasil, Paraguay, Bolivia, Chile, Perú, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, México y Japón, los dos últimos en calidad de invitados especiales y el resto como miembros de la Conmebol.

Los escenarios de ese certamen, el más antiguo del mundo a nivel de Selecciones, serán La Plata, Córdoba, Santa Fe, Mendoza, San Juan, Jujuy y Salta.

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Repite Puerto Rico en baloncesto centroamericano

Puerto Rico repite título aunque más apurado de lo previsto ante ...

EFE - ‎hace 1 hora‎
Mayagüez (Puerto Rico), 30 jul (EFE).- Puerto Rico se adjudicó hoy el título de campeón del baloncesto de los Juegos Centroamericanos

Sorteo de Copa América en noviembre

Sorteo de Copa América en noviembre

El sorteo de la Copa América de 2011 -que se jugará en Argentina- se realizará el 11 de noviembre en la Ciudad de La Plata, sede del partido inaugural, reveló este día la Conmebol.