lunes, 20 de septiembre de 2010

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He needs more than anything else--and horseback
ridin'. I'll yank him out of that soon as I get back. And now suppose
you read his letter. It's

mighty important to us. I forgot to tell you me and, Stan, is pardners.
I'm free to say I'm anxious to see how you take to his proposition."
"If you will excuse me, then?" Mitchell seated himself, opened the
letter, and ran over it. It was brief. Refolding it, the lawyer laid it

on the table before him, tapped it, and considered
Mr. Johnson with regarding eyes. When he spoke his voice was more
friendly than
ever. "Stanley tells me here that you two have found a very rich mine."
"Mr. Mitchell,"
said Pete, leaning forward in his eagerness, "I reckon that mine of
ours is just about the richest strike ever found in Arizona! Of course
it ain't rightly a mine--it's only where a mine is goin'
to be. Just a claim. There's nothin' done to it yet. But it's sure
goin' to be a crackajack. There's a whole solid mountain of high-grade

copper." "Stanley says he wants me to finance it. He offers to refund
all expenses if the mine--if the claim"--Mitchell
smiled cordially as he made the correction--"does not prove all he
represents." "Well, that ought to make you safe. Stan's got a right
smart of property out there. I don't know how he's fixed back here. Mr.
Mitchell, if you don't look into this, you'll be missin' the chance

of your life." "But if the claim is so rich, why do you need money?"
"You don't understand. This copper is in

the roughest part of an awful rough mountain--right on top," said Pete,
most untruthfully. "That's why nobody ain't ever found it
before--because it is so rough. It'll cost a heap of money
just to build a wagon road up to it--as much as five or six thousand
dollars, maybe. Stan
and me can't handle it alone. We got to take some one in, and we gave
you the first show. And I wish," said Pete

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