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he river. "You can't quite

." And there were clean white night-gowns on the beds, and little
wrappers with gay flowered slippers,
just waiting for Jan and Marie to put them on. "Oh, I believe it is
heaven!" cried Marie, as she looked about the pretty room. Then she
touched Madame Dujardin's
sleeve timidly. "Is it all true?" she said. "Shan't we wake up and have
to go somewhere else pretty soon?" "No, dear," said Madame Dujardin
gently. "You are going
to stay right here now and be happy." "It will be a very nice

place for Mother to find us in,"

said Jan.
"She will come pretty soon now, I should think." "I hope she may," said
Madame Dujardin, tears twinkling in her eyes. "I'm
sure she will," said Marie. "You

see everybody is looking for her. There's Granny, and Mother and Father
De Smet, and Joseph, and the people in Rotterdam, and the people in
England, too; and then, besides, Mother is looking for herself, of
course!" "She said she would surely find us even if she had to swim the

PART And now comes the most wonderful part

of the story! Madame Dujardin prepared a bath and said to Marie: "You
may have the first turn in the tub because you're a girl. In America the
have the best of everything", she laughed at Jan, as she spoke. "I will
help you undress. Jan, you may get ready and wait for your turn in
your own room." She unbuttoned Marie's dress, slipped off her
clothes, and held up the gay little wrapper for her to put her arms
into, and just then she noticed the locket
on her neck. "We'll take this off, too," she said, beginning to unclasp
it. But Marie clung to it with both hands. "No, no," she cried. "Mother
said I was never, never to take it off. It
has her picture in it." "May I see it, dear?" asked Madame Dujardin. "I
should like to kno

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